Nepanagar to Burhanpur up-down by train: sweet memories

I am going to tell you a little story about my life. We started college in 2010. The story of three idiots they are GPS means Girish Kulkarni, Purushottam Patil and Suhas Patil. That was really great days for us when we did up-down between Nepanagar to Burhanpur by train for college. At this time we were doing from Dr. Zakir Husain College Burhanpur. In up-down for college there were only two trains, first was at 5 am and second was 6:15 am, so we mostly preferred by 6:15 am train because our college time was 7 am to 1 pm. Distance between Nepanagar to Burhanpur by train 27 km and by road 35 km.

Girish, Purushottam, Suhas (GPS)

Till 2010-2013 we did and moved to Indore for MBA. But we always missed those days means our many memories is there. Train up-down was really memorable for us we all missed the suffer between Nepanagar to Burhanpur. 30 -40 minutes train takes to reach Burhanpur from Nepanagar and between this time we did many things.

We all has a biggest group in up-down they all are : Sharad bhai. Nilesh bhai, Pandey bhaiya, Maske bhai, Ram, Suhas, PM (Purushottam), Girish, Smile Sir, Pawan bhai and also many other. We were back from college to home 5pm by train. 


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