What is SMO or Social Media Optimization?

What is SMO or social media Optimisation?

SMO stands for the social media Optimization basically it is the platform about social awareness and societies trending topics. For the business, it is the best way to promote their services, their products online. Nowadays many folks used social media for enhancing their social community. There are many social media platforms but most of the people use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, Reddit, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, Quora, Tumblr etc.

Let me explain to you how to optimize your business on social media sites:-

1. Sign up on all social media platform with your company name, your email and all the details that social sites required.
2. After the complete signup process optimises your profile picture and cover picture.
3. Add a short Bio.
4. Add your business website.
5. add your interest based people in your circle, in your connection, in your friends also follow people as per your interest.
6. for engagement you have to add daily 2 and 3 posts on your social media sites.
7. Post with an eye catching image.
8. post about trending topics.

So this is the process of social media Optimization.


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